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Parallel to his work with United Visual Artists, Maximo operates as a solo practitioner to be commissioned as an artist, designer or creative consultant for new-media installations.


Shanghai, 2020

Valentino Re-Signify took place at the Power Station of Art in Shanghai in December 2020 and presented a journey from Valentino's archival past to contemporary consciousness, seen through the brand's central codes and motifs.

The exhibition displayed a series of bespoke installations and immersice spaces, together with a cohesive collection of artworks through which to consider Valentino’s rich archive. Featured artists included Cao Fei, Jonas Mekas, Robby Müller, Quayola, Rachel Rose, Natália Trejbalová and Weirdcore among others.

Commissioned by Kennedy
Curated by Mariuccia Casadio and Jacopo Bedussi
New-media installations by Maximo Recio
Digital content by Maximo Recio and Jon Skerritt
Produced by Anthea Roy
Set design by Stuart Nunn
Lighting design by Petter Skramstad


Beijing, 2021

Opening in 2021 at T-10/SKP-S Beijing, Style in Revolt traces the origins and influences of streetwear and street culture, providing an in-depth exploration of the cross-pollination of fashion, music, art and design.

This commission included the design and overseeing of all new-media elements across the exhibition, including a series of immersive installations that acted as key narrative points.

Commissioned by Kennedy


Doha, 2022

A series of video projections at contemporary art space Fire Station in Doha for the opening ceremony of Years of Culture, a program of cultural exchanges across the MENASA region.

Projecting onto different buildings and surfaces, colour and simple geometry brought the architecture to life and created a cohesive atmosphere for the event.

Commissioned by Kennedy
Photos by Montague Fendt