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Milan, 2024

Oasi is a multi-channel installation that reinterprets the stories encapsulated within the pages of Born is Oasi Zegna, a new book published by Zegna that delves into the brand’s deep-rooted connection with nature, humanity, and technology.

The installation peels back layers of the book's narrative, unravelling its threads and presenting them in a deconstructed tapestry of immersive video and spatial sound.

Commissioned by Zegna
Produced by Kennedy


Chengdu, 2023

A series of digital artworks displayed across the grand screens of luxury retail space SKP in Chengdu, China.

SKP sits underneath an impressive botanical garden, placing nature at the heart of development. The digital content pays homage to this delicate balance between nature and technology, and echoes the seasonal changes of the site’s natural surroundings.


London, 2023

Shown at Tate Modern in London, Cycles consists of 52x5 metres of projection on the concrete walls of the Gallery’s South Tank, to present the collaboration between Notting Hill-based designer Reece Yeboah and COS.

Based on the concept of The Life Cycle of a Butterfly, the installation articulated a journey in which the stages of the evening followed the insect’s life cycle — from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly — creating an immersive moment of celebration and togetherness.

Produced by Studio Boum
Spoken Word by James Mæssiah
Light Design by Renegade
Captured by Vasco Vieira


Madrid, 2022

Light Fragments is an installation artwork inspired by the formation and optics of crystals. This multichannel installation utilises sound and a sculptural approach to video to create abstract representations of the light spectrum and its transformation through the geometry of crystals.

Commissioned by Suot Studio
Captured by Lorenzo Ainse