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Another Space is a creative studio established by the founders of United Visual Artists dedicated to experiential, stage design and film-making projects for selected brands and performing artists.

As Creative Director, Maximo has overseen each project from conception to delivery, leading the design team and fostering relationships with clients and collaborators.

London, 2017

A large-scale installation for the celebration of Dazed 100, the annual reveal of new-generation talent in culture, fashion and media.

The installation welcomed party guests and provided a canvas to showcase the Dazed 100 list and its sponsor Calvin Klein. It created a striking sense of arrival, sparking excitement and curiosity, and set the tone for the rest of the party — for which we also created a set of stylised visuals connected to the main installation.

The 15m-wide projection splits animations into three overlaid colour channels. As visitors pass through each projector’s beam, their physical presence divides their interference into several colour ways. Their silhouettes become part of the installation itself, encouraging people to take centre-stage and to explore this prismatic outcome.

Produced by Kennedy

London, 2017

Another Space designed, built, animated and filmed a light sculpture to feature in Hiscox‘s TV ident for Channel 4 program Best Laid Plans.

Within the program’s context of house extensions, the animated progression of light through the structure becomes a metaphor for realising one’s dream, slowly building and endlessly creating. Choosing a physical execution over its computer-generated alternative was a deliberate decision to render the final piece all the more real, and with it, embody the idea of tangible dreams. Close ups of glass cathode tubes illuminating the surrounding particles further add to the dramatic quality of the piece. Seven iterations of the light animation were developed, to be played throughout each episode, for the duration of the show.

Production Company: Academy +
Post: Nineteen Twenty
Grade: Lewis Cross at Electric Theatre
Editor: Nik Hindson at The Assembly Rooms
Sound: The Futz Buttler
Fabrication: Wyliewood

Milan, 2019

An installation to welcome guests to the showroom of British luxury brand Jimmy Choo in Milan during Fashion Week 2019, where the new SS20 collection was presented.

A bespoke video wall with manifold mirrored surfaces to display a series of animations inspired by the clashing patterns and colours of the collection. Shifting organic shapes and light sequences revealed glipmses of the collection and immersed visitors into a world of pattern formation.

Sound Design: The Futz Butler
Production: Anthea Roy
Fabrication: Red Studio
Local Production: Erker Studio

Shanghai, 2019

Prada's SS20 Menswear show in the Silo of Minsheng Wharf (Shanghai) was followed by an exclusive dinner and a series of musical and theatrical acts in the top floor.

The studio was approached to create a light treatment that could articulate the different moods of the event, while establishing a connection with the neon-based intervention across the building designed by Rem Koolhaas‘s AMO.

200 square metres of projection run along the perimeter of the monumental space, creating minimalist video animations that acted as a series of dynamic light sources to illuminate the space, direct focus and set the tone for each performance.

Produced by Kennedy